slide02aStarting in 1980, Nanton Nutraceuticals is a subsidiary of Nanton Water and Soda, a Canadian family-owned company, and proud to be one of the oldest water beverage companies left in Canada. The company now operates in the United States, supplying most of the major airline companies across North America and exports to Japan.

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Welcome to the Rhodiola revolution. Yes, it is a revolution!

I was introduced to this herb a few years ago, at that point I had never heard of Rhodiola rosea but I was very intrigued by the benefits and the history of this amazing root. This product will make a difference in peoples lives. This is extremely important to me personally and my company. This is not another sales campaign, selling and promoting the next great thing with no substance, this is not who I am nor does it represent our staff at Nanton Nutracueticals. Rhodiola rosea has been kept a secret from North Americans supply of the root is the restricting factor as most of the harvested root is from the wild. Nanton Nutracueticals grows and controls its own supply of Rhodiola rosea root right here in Alberta, Canada. We are proud to be able to say that we are vertically integrated from the seed to the medicine cabinet, total control.

Rhoziva is the brand name. We have spent countless hours researching, following strict protocols for packaging, formulation and product testing in order to be able to put a gold star on our product for quality. To put it straight, we have not cut any corners. Nanton Nutracueticals is able to guarantee our claims stated on our packaging. It is important that you read the literature provided. If you are serious about improving your health, you will find taking Rhoziva a life changing experience.

I look forward to your feedback after you experience Rhoziva!



Brad Wallace
Nanton Nutracueticals