Nanton Nutraceuticals is a Canadian company committed to producing the highest quality health supplement products available on the market today. We invest heavily in research and development in every step of product development, from the field to finished product.

Our products conform to all Health Canada requirements which are the most rigorous in the world, demanding that our products demonstrate not only safety, but efficacy based on peer reviewed scientific literature. Health Canada also requires that all manufacturing facilities be fully Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified and must pass Quality Assurance site inspections in order to maintain a Health Canada Site License. For this reason, Nanton Nutraceuticals manufactures its products in Canada exclusively.

Nanton Nutraceuticals is the producer and distributor of Rhoziva

Rhoziva productNanton Nutraceuticals is the only company in North America to, not only produce Rhoziva, but grow and own our crop of Rhodiola rosea.

Rhoziva™ is the top Rhodiola rosea product in the world.

We adhere to and surpass all Canadian government quality control testing standards and protocols (arguably the most stringent in the world) to bring you the very highest quality Rhodiola rosea product available.

Rhoziva™ has the highest safety and quality assurance of any Rhodiola rosea product on the market.

We are a proud distributor of My Health Supplements (MHS)

My Health Supplements focuses primarily on addressing the number one cause of death in western society - cardiovascular disease - and some of it's associated risk factors.

Meet the formultor, DR. ELIE KLEIN B.Sc., ND

MHS products are primarily formulated by distinguished naturopathic doctor, published author and respected health educator Dr. Elie Klein B.Sc., ND. With nearly 15 years of clinical and natural product industry experience, Dr.Klein ND, helped create MHS's unique, high-quality, and efficacious natural product line.

Klein is the author of "Read This if you Have a Heart" and the founder of Dr. Klein's Healthy Heart Program, a revolutionary wellness program designed to educate, guide and support your cardiovascular and sugar well being naturally.

Klein has appeared in several radio and tv programs such as City TV and contributes regularly to health magazines such as Vitality and Alive. He is a frequently featured speaker at the Whole Life Expo and Total Health Shows in Toronto. Dr. Klein ND is board – licensed.

Dr Klien

Dr. Elie Klein B.Sc., ND